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The Within The Movies Podcast is a one man weekly show with guests that reviews movies from the biggest blockbusters franchises to the smallest indie darlings and netflix streamings in between. Join Within The Movies’ Akhi Edwards on his cinematic quest as he gives his thoughts and opinions on the wonder of movies and sneers on the bad ones! Reviews,reaction and a lot of nerding out from one movie fan to another! Enjoy!


July 30th, 2018

Within The Movies Episode 5 

Another Mission Impossible movie rolls around and does all the hype surrounding the movie (Remember Tom Cruise's ankle injury?) justify the ticket price to go and see it? Of course it does! I mean c'mon it’s a Mission Impossible movie! 😀 I'll be breaking it down and give you 5 reasons why you should see it as Henry Cavill (and his infamous mustache) teams up with Ethan Hunt and the rest of the geng to go around Berlin, Paris, London and Kashmir to save the world!   


Today's shownotes would be as follows:  


Jaw dropped – Tom Cruise delivered another crazy action movie in the Mission Impossible francise! 


What I like  

Action packed! 

The chase sequence   

The motorbike chase sequence 

The care chase sequence  

The helicopter chase sequence 



Henry Cavill!  


What I don’t like/ Disappointed 

I wouldn’t call it a minus but next movie can focus on the story 


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April 29th, 2018

Within The Movies Episode 3

10 YEARS. After 10 long years of cinematic build up, we are now at Avengers Infinity War and Thanos is coming! The Russo Brothers from Captain America: Winter Soldier are in charge of directing this exciting wrapup of the first chapter of the MCU and it does not disappoint! I'm gonna give my thoughts overall on the movie. The ups, downs, thrill and shock that happened. With the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy. Doctor Strange, Spider-man and Black Panther all uniting to face Thanos, the stakes couldn't be higher! 

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